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Library of International Black Sea University works for reader, provides reader with all necessary information and supports academic personnel and students of the university in the process of doing research.

The library contains reading hall(s) equipped with the necessary inventory, diverse book resources and other resources available in various languages including but not limited to textbooks, monographs, science, literature and fiction, periodicals, newspapers, music, dailies, cartographic and reference book publications, collections and electronic resources.


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The Library offers its students kind of upgraded manuals and textbooks concerning IBSU program. Students are able to be continuously provided with proper literature and have perfect opportunity to work and develop toward various directions. In our library one can find the books in philosophy, economics, business, politics, biology, chemistry, history, literature and various fields of science. IBSU library offers range of services to own students and whole society in order to let them get sufficient information easily. For the purposes of deepen theoretical and practical knowledge of students, academic personnel and invited lecturers, the library provides them with appropriate scientific, teaching and methodological course books. The library makes an effort to develop existing library funds and to fill it with Georgian and Foreign editions containing educational and scientific values. The library ensures accessibility of various course books and e-resources. The library provides accessibility of international library network. Herewith, the library is equipped with computer technique working into the electronic base. The library cooperates with foreign (one of them is EBSCO and etc.) for a library organizations and universities. Also, it collaborates with acting Georgian funds and other organizations including the National Parliamentary Library. The library sees its role in the development of learning quality, educational level of readers, scientific research and general culture. In order to achieve above-mentioned missions, the library: Provides availability of literature mentioned in the syllabus of the teaching course; Ensures accessibility and keeping of books, other printed, audio and video materials; Ensures comfortable environment for every representative of the university.